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UPDATE: 2 packages left and looking to trade for red root floater

Look at what I have done to my tank! a Long due trimming :icon_redf



I want to pack everything and ship it out tomorrow or Wednesday Quick.
So I am selling EACH USPS priority small box, Stuffed Full of plants, for $20 shipped.
I will work with you if something happened to the plant with photo proof within 2 hours, but no refund on shipping.
Edit: Local hobbyist is welcome to come pick a sandwich bag for $10!
I think I have enough for 4-5 packages. I am not good with plant ID, so I'll stuff the box with a mix of everything. Or you can choice to have more from the selection of:

Ludwigia red, Ludwigia sunset, Ludwigia (un id 1 & 2), Rotala, Rotala preal, Anacharis, Java fern, Hungarian sword, Marsilea Minuta and some green+purple bunch plant.

1. I think they are Red Ludwigia

2. Left to right: some kind of Ludwigia(?), some green bunch that is purple under the leaf, jave fern(i have more not photoed), Rotala preal, Hungarian sword

3. Rotala, it grew white-blueish flower above water for me.

4. Anachairis

5. Ludwigia repens Sunset

6. One kind of Ludwigia, they grow crazy for me!

7. Crazily grown Marsilea Minuta (vary from 1cm - 7cm!!)
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