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LOL!! Funny News of the Weird article about cichlids

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I don't know if this would be better in the Fish forum, but due to its silly nature, I figured it would be better here. Anyway, here is a snippet from the newest News of the Weird:

News of the Weird said:
Cutting-Edge Science
Males Will Be Males: University of Lausanne (Switzerland) researchers discovered that not only are cichlid fish oriented to "oral sex" (because the female stores fertilizable eggs in her mouth) but that studlier males have evolved a trick to get females to open up: Super-procreative males create egg-like growths on their fins, which females imagine are their own missing eggs and try to suck them up, thus improving the male's opportunity to slip sperm in, according to a November report in New Scientist. [New Scientist, 11-15-07]
Taken from here.
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I watched the Discovery special on african cichlids. Talked about the same thing.

Really good for all fish keepers and hobbyists alike! See the link for the full episode!
HaHaHa! OH man . How do they figure this stuff out. Imagine if that was your job to sit and watch fish for hours on end.
Cory cats are even worse! Do some reading on the "T-position" and you'll see what I mean!
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