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Lofts in Richmond VA.

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Hey I was wondering if there were any members that live or know anyone that lives in a Loft out in Richmond. Might be moving there this year, just wanted to get a heads up on those places.

Also I would like to know of any good LFs in Richmond as well.


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Do they even have lofts in Richmond? I thought the lofts in NYC were a relic of when manufacturing took place there.
My work takes me into town on occasion, there are a few. I don't have any specific information though. The ones I've seen look pretty new.

There was (is) plenty of manufacturing in Richmond, tobacco especially.
Yea I was looking at some of the lofts in Tabacco row. Really nice and they don't have a limit in terms of large aquariums! Are there any nice LFS there?
I have several friends that are going to VCU and other colleges there for post-graduation.

I am not familiar with any good LFS up there, however when I was around the area for college I was not as big into fish as I am now.

There are lots of apartments built where old tobbacco storehouses and manufacturing buildings were - pretty neat if your into that rustic look with really old original wood floors and such.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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