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Locals want some L. aromatica?

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My aromatica is growing like crazy since I upped my CO2. I'd hate to toss it when there may be someone that would like to try this plant. Free to a good home with high light and CO2. All I ask is that you pick up at either my home or work. Please reply here if interested.

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Just finished weekly trimming in the tank. Apparently other plants were growing fast than I thought. Added to the L aromatica is:

Dwarf sagittaria
Corkscrew vals
Crypt retospiralis
Ludwigia brevipes
Bacopa australis

The entire assortment is up for to a new home.

Unfortunately, I either injured my bushy nose pleco (who has lived there for over four years) while gravel vaccuming or he is just old and on his way out. Anyone know where I can pick up a young one locally?

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If you still have the plants I would be happy to take them off your hands. :D

I went to Fish Den and Neptune's two weekends ago and both had some bristlenose plecos. Neptune's had normal, calico, and some other type(longfin, albino, or both). I'm not sure if bristlenose and bushynose are the same though...
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I'm not sure if bristlenose and bushynose are the same though...
Me neither, cuz I was gonna say you can get bristlenoses at Petsmart for $1 when they are on sale!!
damn i just posted a WTB add for aromatica. If you consider shipping, I'll buy all that you're willing to sell :)
Already spoken for. Thanks for the replies.
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