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Locally Bread Rams Seattle Area?

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Are there any locally bread rams in the Seattle area? (Did a search but didn't come up with much) Thanks ahead of time!

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I found a breeder in Tampa FL, yeah not exactly Seattle
I know there is at least one person that breeds them that belongs to GSAS. She brings a ton to the annual auction, if you don't mind waiting until April (that's where I got mine). Otherwise, I'd send an e-mail to the GSAS list as I'm sure the individual has some year round.
Greater Seattle Aquarium Society

Member list:

The "plant auction" in February also includes livestock.
Well I'd rather not wait THAT long. I know that Blue Sierra in Issaquah carries them but i don't know about the quality (anyone else know?).

Maybe i'll shoot them an e-mail then. Thanks for the info
I know The Fish Store on Roosevelt, in Seattle normally carries them and they always have quality livestock.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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