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Local Water Analysis Help

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Hey guys, first time aquarist here and I could use some help on my local water readings (Dover, Kent. UK). I am planning on dosing EI daily once my aquarium is set up.

My water is classed as ''VERY HARD'' (not surprising considering I live on top of chalky cliffs!) Do I need to tackle this high level?

Also what do the other readings look like? Is there anything I will need more of or less of when I dose?

Set up consists of 100L tank with medium light (72W CFL) and DIY Co2. Will be quite heavily planted with HC as carpet hopefully. Pool Filter Sand as the only substrate. Haven't chosen fish yet, will be the last thing I decide on once the tank is planted.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks all :proud:


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Interesting to see a report from other countries. first thing I spotted was the chlorine allowed. Rather surprised to see no limit on that. In the states it is a very hotly debated item and regs call for it to be carefully controlled between 3 and 10 PPM. I'm reading it wrong or totally different outlook??
For PH 7.0 is called "neutral" and as a guess I might expect your water to test out as 7.8 or so. But then that is a guess!
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