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Local plants

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Bacopa, drawf sag, rotala, java fern.

pick up, trade, local.
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Alternanthera reineckii, baby crypt nurii.
Bruce are you going to be coming up to the meeting? if so could you hang on to some of the Crypt Nurii for me.

I think the answer right now is maybe.
Meetings? is there a local club? there was a great club in AZ
I am trying to get one going with a few fellow members in the north denver/ northen colo area. First meet is Friday OCT 12th 7:30 pm at my house in thornton. Check my anyone intrested thread for more details and to sign up with sphack for email info.

Right now I have a bunch of java moss. Some java fern, cuttings of some rotalas, a few small sections of lilaeopsis, a handful of eleocharis vivipara, dwarf sag, some Persicaria Kawagoeanum and a few bits and pieces of some other stuff. If anyone is interested please let me know.
free, pick up, trade, local.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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