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Local Beach Driftwood

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I collected driftwood from a beach when I was on vacation upnorth a month ago. Do I have to boil this driftwood or what do I have to do? thanks
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Soak it to get the salt out of it a couple times. Maybe bleach for a soak to kill any bacteria

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Depends on how you travel! If you are a risk taker, pop it in the tank and hope. If you want to be safe from the unknowns like oils,pesticides and snail eggs, a bleach soak is pretty simple.
Get a container large enough to hold the wood, add a 1/2 cup or so of regular unscented bleach ( the cheap stuff) and let it set overnight or longer. Rinse it and let it dry totally until there is no bleach smell left and then you can know it is safe.

Roll the dice or spend a little time to cut out one more little thing to go wrong, your choice. A small amount of salt is normally not a problem. The bleach soak will take care of this as well.
After reading your replies I plan on giving it a bleach soak. What happens if I went with the scented kind of bleach? Would it be bad? thanks again for the replies
The scent is just an unknown item that I like to avoid. Since my wife never buys the scented, I've never used it. I'm guessing there would be no harm but since I don't know what the scent involves, that would be pure guess!!
Well I put in the unscented bleach and driftwood. It's floating on me will I have to boil it so it does not float?
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