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Just wondering if there is a loach that would be comfortable in a tank set at 82 degrees for discus..
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I'd rather try some khuli's with them. Yo-yos and weather loaches can get quite pushy when it gets dark (they are nocturnal).
Sometimes they develop a taste for slime coat, and they are very fast and assertive feeders that may outcompete the other fish if not monitored.
They are pretty smart and if you feed on a set schedule they will be waiting for you at the top long before feeding time.
Thanks Nordic I have some kuhli's in another tank and really like them but wonder about the warm temps.
Dwarf Chain Loach, Yasuhikotakia (or Ambastaia) sidthimunki, does well in warmer water and can be a little more mellow than the larger loaches. But they may still be too pushy for discus

Kuhlis should be OK at 82 degrees. Horseface loach also comes to mind
I've seen Kuhli and discus together, no idea what temps they were at though.
Most fish can stand temps far higher than you would imagine at a cost to life span.
Being from a temperate area, all my tanks hang consistantly at about 80 to 82 degrees for at least half of summer.
Even my cold water fish survive this.
I think khulis are from the tropics of Indonesia.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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