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Livebearers decreasing in fertility?

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Am I the only one that is noticing a decline in livebearer fertility? I've had platies in my tanks for a couple months now and non of the females have even gotten their bellies big enough to even consider pregnant.
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Ideally, find a breeder and purchase quality stock from them.

My local store breeds their own live bearers as purchased, farmed, live bearers were all coming in with gill flukes.
I would suggest feeding them more? Worked for me with my guppies :^)
Im not looking to breed them, I just wanted to keep a few here and there but it seems that I'm either missing them and the fry get eaten or they aren't getting pregnant at all.
Feed them as much as possible. A few times a day.

Get some guppygrass/spawning stuff for small fry to hide out in. Adults might be eating fry because they're hungry?

That's true, I feed them a lot daily so I'll see if I can split it up into two feedings. Thanks!
Rotate foods, too, so they are getting all sorts of different things. Fresh foods are good, too. Try all sorts of fresh or lightly cooked vegetables. Try also a shrimp (grocery store) or prawn. If you can find mosquito larvae, aphids, earthworms and other bugs, these are usually well accepted by the fish.

However, if you are already feeding quite a lot and the fish are not breeding (and lets face it, Platies and Guppies are the rabbits of the fish world. They will breed under all sorts of conditions) then there may be some other issue going on.

You might start by worming them, in case there are some internal parasites. Are they showing any symptoms that might suggest something like this? Eating and not gaining weight or breeding suggests that something else is benefiting from the food.
They are eating and have the normal body shape, just not getting fat. I'l see if I can grab a few other ones from somewhere else and see what happens.
The Platies are looking plummer... but who know's if they're just fat or pregnant, thanks for all the suggestions!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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