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Gonna give my two cents. Let me give you a disclaimer first though. I don't have an outdoor pond. Never have. I had a trout creek in my front yard when I lived in california, but now I'm in MD. Nonetheless, I have experience in landscaping, AND Alabama heat/cold (good lord it gets cold in huntsville!) Some people mentioned bricks. Stop by Home depot/lowes/whatever. There are some landscaping bricks for building retaining walls, and flower gardens, without the use of mortar. There is a little lip on the bottom, back, of the brick, and they are designed to be able to curve around. I believe each brick is about 12 inches long by 6 inches tall.
Play with the bricks in the store to make sure you can build them exactly as you want (it won't take too many, since it's just a 20 gal. tub) In fact, last time I was at HD, they had the exact same tub. So you could even grab the tub, take it to the garden section, (near the pavers, usually in the back) and build the bricks around the tub to see exactly how many bricks you need, wether you like the look or not, and how much it will cost.

If you do use the brick idea, the sides will slope up at about a 60/70 degree angle. So if you make a circle with the bricks about 18 inches wider then the bottom of your tub, fill with mulch/dirt, put on the second layer of bricks, fill, etc. Your pond will be well insulated, plenty sturdy, cheap, and your dad will probably be proud of the work you did, as well as the money you saved (added bonus ;).

Also, there are enough bloody bugs down there to feed shamoo! I don't think you'll need to feed your fish too often at all!

Edit: Forgot to add, you can always throw in a tray or two of ice cubes in the tub before you leave for work/school in the morning. Once it warms up, that is. I'm not sure what the wether is doing in your neck of the woods currently, but up here in the north it looks like we might get a little snow tomorrow... I have no idea how many cheap-o walmart aquarium heaters it would take to keep the tub at a warm temp overnight in these conditions, but I'm sure one of the gurus around here could tell you.
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