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Shipping cost start at $8.
Payment is Via PayPal goods and services option. I only ship within the continental US.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Note: all live plants are WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get). All live plants are snail/pest free!

Water sprite
Aka Ceratopteris thalictroides, great nitrate buster and easy to keep aquatic plant. Low to medium light needs, can be left floating at surface or planted in substrate.
Rooted stems vary in size from 3"-10"+ mostly on the larger side (both photos are of same batch of plants)
View attachment 634705 View attachment 634713

Rain Lily
Non aquatic plant-great for ponds, ripariums, paludariums, vivariums-roots in water, leaves above water. I planted over my tank in a caddie with expanded clay media. Easy lovely plant with long green narrow leaves and beautiful bloom. Medium light plant. Grew like mad on my tank but ran out of room for it so hoping someone else would like to enjoy it as I have.
3 rooted bulbs ready to grow
View attachment 634697

Friendship plant
Aka Pilea involucrata, a relative of the Aluminum plant. Another non aquatic plant-great for house plant or ripariums, paludariums, vivariums-roots in water leaves above water. Has a unique texture and purple-ish hue, adds great contrast to a setup. Medium light.
2 large stems+ several smaller stems
View attachment 634721

Japanese Sweetflag
Non-aquatic plant-great for ponds, ripariums, paludariums, vivariums-roots in water, leaves above water. Medium light Grows great on my tank but I'm out of room.
2 rooted plants with a good bit of growth
View attachment 634729

Purple waffle
Aka Hemigraphis colorata 'Exotica'- non aquatic plant but commonly mis-sold as an underwater plant. It does explosively well with roots in tank water and leaves above. I finally had to hack back my purple waffle as it was taking over the tank! Don't have room for all the clippings so someone can use these to fill out their display! Nice green leaves with lovely purple undersides. When established it will spit out pretty little white flowers constantly (see my 20g riparium journal).
WYSIWYG-LOOOOOTS of purple waffle (shown on a 17" long board), some rooted, some not.. will also throw in some massive leaf-less root and stem leftovers that should have new growth started quickly.
View attachment 634737

Grindal Worms
I keep soil-less grindal worm cultures usingr scouring pads in place of peat/mulch/soil. Imo this is an easier, less messy way to keep them and common culture pests like mites and gnats/fruit flies have a harder time surviving and breeding on the pads.

I can sell you just the starter culture (1 scouring pad with worms)
OR a full starter set: 3 scouring pads, worms, culture container with lid (has air holes covered with breathable material that pests cannot get in through), 2-3 weeks worth of worm food, *newly added* and plastic pipet for easy retrieval of worms when cleaning container water and for feeding fish some tastey worms!

My worms are healthy and pest free!
Grindal worms (starter culture only): $3
Grindal worms full starter culture set: $7
If you want multiple full starter sets please pm me with: # of full starter kits wanted and your zip code. I will give you an estimate on shipping cost.
For photos please Pm me.

Salvinia minima
Great floating plant, cool cat tongue like texture on top of leaves, short roots, much more manageable than duckweed, does not have issues with condensation or too strong of a light like frogbit.
10"x6" portion
PM me for photos
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