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Live Plants In New Tarantula Cage

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Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I'm a soon to be first time tarantula owner once everything arrives (I've ordered everything from the internet). Let me give you the details so far:
* I plan on getting an arboreal spiderling. Right now I am leaning more towards an avicularia avicularia
* I ordered a cage from, - it's the Small Arboreal Cage 6"x6"x10". I talked to Adam via email and he told me he could make me a front door instead, I agreed that that would be best
* I really want to do a live plant(s), but will need something small and can thrive in low light
* I want something the tarantula can really enjoy (and be safe on). I have not skimped on anything yet for my new pet, and I really want to put forth the effort to make the terrarium nice not only for me, but for the tarantula too

I would LOVE to do something from the tarantula's native home, but I think that could be too complicated (I wasn't even sure if it would be feasible). So, with my present situation, what do you recommend that would fit my requirements and be easy enough to do for a first timer (something that wont over run the cage, is easy to maintain, etc)? I've posted on spider related forums and have been recommended bromeliads, epiphytes, and cryptanthus.

If you aren't familiar with the avicularia aviculaira, they are native to the following regions: Amazon, Brazil, French Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad and Venezuela

(I now see the list of low light plants at the top of this forum, I'll be sure to give it a look over)
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A trailing bushy plant, like fittonia, would be easy to maintain and trim in a cage that size, and would never get too tall. Some peperomias stay small enough for a cage your size. You might also have luck with jewel orchids.

If you can find a miniature bromeliad that will tolerate low light, that would be a coup. Depending on the species they love the humidity and the stiff leaves will support just about any spider. (But most mini neoregelias, cryptanthus and tillandsias that I'm familiar with are going to want at least moderate light.)
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