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Live Cultures??? (Daphnia, White worms, Grindal Worms, brine shrimps, etc..

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I got a paired of puffer fish and bumblebee goby & I've try feeding them everything possible but they are very picky eater. The only thing I've had success with, is brine shrimp; but they are too much work, expensive & died easily.

My question is... what other alternative live culture foods can Ii feed them? I want it to be low maintenance, disease free, parasite free, easily culture, high in nutrients.? ?
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I culture daphnia, white worms and grindal worms. Overall, grindals are easiest because they don't mind heat. But they are too small for many fish. White worms are great, but if your temperature gets into the mid-seventies, reproduction will slow down. But you can get a wine cooler for around 60 bucks. This works very well and makes them just as easy as grindals.

Daphnia are a little trickier to culture, but not too bad once you have a system. I've settled on keeping them in shallow water – about 3-4 inches, so I don't need an air pump or any circulation. They also do well without a light or heater. I just sprinkle some food in every day and give them a stir. Feeding small amounts daily seems to reduce the boom-bust cycle that they are known for.

In general, daphnia are a little more trouble because they need to be in water. So they take up more space, you need to occasionally change the water or start a new culture and harvesting is messier than worms (but maybe that's just me). Also, if you have very soft water, you'll need to increase the GH in order to get good production.
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