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So for the longest time my Water Sprite's new grown has been very light. As you can see it seems to be growing pretty quickly even though it is floating, but is very light green and almost white in some areas.

I bought the Water Sprites to use in my refugium soon, and am just letting them grow floating until I get the refugium finished and plumbed. My tank is a low tech nursery tank that I got for my mating pair of angles. The substrate is Eco Complete, lighting is the Aquatic Life EDGE 24" which has been great, and the filter is a Fluval C3 running Purigen instead of carbon. I didn't include any pictures of the whole system because it's just a note on the experiment. So about 2 weeks ago I started dosing the tank to help the nutrient deficiency that prob caused the white leaves, and three days ago I decided to plant one of the shoots to see what would happen.

I was blown away to see beautiful green shoots popping up really quickly, and the shoot on the left side has turned green as well. So I decided to document the changes, and start a new control where I planted another larger shoot of Water Sprites in the front right corner that will get about the same amount of light as the other.

I "planted" the Water Sprite how I have read in the past was correct, where I simply sprinkled gravel on it until it stays on the bottom. I have heard the root should be 1" from the bottom and will grow into the gravel from there, but this is close enough to the same thing.

It's a pretty big grouping that takes up the entire corner and has a good root system. I'm anxious to see if it uses the much more nutrient rich soil and begins to put out green new growth. I'll keep this updated as to how much of a difference there is between planted vs. floating. I have seen many people having trouble with their planted Water Sprites being white as well, so I will try to figure out a test for that too.
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