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Hi everyone,

This is another tank that we (ADist) have designed for this year's IAPLC. It is especially Ertugrul Saygın's work. We gave only small advices (for rockwork and planting). So i want to congratulate him first

For more photographs, please visit our website:

Tank Dimensions (cm): 100*45*45 (h)

Substrate: Black sand, fertilizer tabs

Filtration: 950 l/h external filter, 18W UV

Lightning: 4*30W T8

CO2: Pressured

Water Change: %20 per week

Fertilization: Liquid fertilization (micro elements + NPK) after water change.

Plants: Hemianthus callitrichoides“Cuba”,Hemianthus micranthemoides,Blyxa aubertii, Eleocharis parvula,Fissidens fontanus, Hydrocotyle verticillata

Fish& Invertebrates: Neocaridina denticulata, Otocinclus affinis, Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

Setup date: October 2010
Photography date: January 2011



This aquascape inspired from another one that ranked 24th at IAPLC 2009.

1st week:


3rd week:


5th week:


7th week:


10th week:


Thank you for your comments.
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