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Little brown "worms" in my filter?

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I started a new tank just over a month ago. It's a 46 gallon tank that I added treated water and water from my 65 gallon tank to. My 65 gallon tank is heavily planted and has been great for years with no problems. My new tank is also heavily planted and I have gradually been adding fish. I just tested my water yesterday and all is well, other than the nitrates being a bit high, but no cause for alarm - I did just add some Cherry Barbs, so that could be it. I add beneficial bacteria to both my tanks, usually biweekly, every second water change. I fertilize and use biological filtration.

I noticed there are small brown "worms" in my new tank's filter. They are definitely multiplying. They are in the filter uptake tube and in the sponge and biological media. This leads me to believe they are beneficial and feeding off of the debris caught in the filter. They are nowhere else in the tank. Nor are they in my 65 gallon tank. I have never seen this before. I frequently move plants between the two tanks, and the new tank is is stocked with mostly propagated plants from my 65 gallon tank.

I have tried to find out what they are on the internet, with no luck. Most people just respond with guesses.

I have attached a (not so great) picture of my biological media within my filter. You can make out some of the worms, they resemble fish poop kind of, but definitely are not.

My tank is otherwise healthy and growing great! In fact, the new Angelfish that I got about a month ago have already spawned twice!!

Does anyone have a name for these 'worms'??

Thank you,



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Are they alive? Can you see them moving? I ask, though I do not know what they are called, because I had a very similar situation occur last fall in my tanks. Except that I was sharing filter media between all 5 of my tanks, and so it was in all of my tanks. I came to the conclusion that they must have been detritus worms, or planaria. Both of which are white, so I have no idea why mine were brown. I think that mine were dead in the media though, they looked kinda flattened to me, and I couldn't see them moving.. I am looking to see if I still have pics of mine.. No one was able to help me figure it out... off to look
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