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A global list of low tech planted tea-cup tanks: bowls, cups, candle holders, vases, beer mugs, and anything else that holds water.

Selection Criteria:
  1. A clear container of 2 gallons or less
  2. Must have submersed plant(s)
  3. Artificial light is the only technology
  4. No to minimal fertilization
  5. Must have a picture
  1. If I missed your tank: Sorry. Please PM your link.
  2. Selection criterias are subject to change, based in expressed interest.
  3. The list will be kept sorted by Screen Names.
  4. Format recommendations are welcome.
  5. Images and posts are linked. PM if you want either one changed.

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The list of low tech, mini, nano, pico planted tanks --> 50+ <-- examples

Abhi PICO Bugs !

AGUILAR3 2g bowl

aluka Brackish

amyhartofey "No-tech" pico jars/bowls

Art by Stef* Stef's Betta Garden

black_fairy Planted betta bowls

BoxBoy The Peanut butter jar

Carrie.a.gordon Kerosene Tank Nano

caykuu 18 oz; Fiona's Minikin Glass Cube

cownose-ray Walstad Bowl - 1st re-do

deadfrog 1gal. Jar planted

DJ2005 Three Cup Nano

Erichenderson02 0.5g jar

hambone870 Betta Bowl

houseofcards 0.9G - Money

HuntCast It's a jungle now!

iRun Low tech and recycled!

javajive1981 Walstad shrimp cylinder

jbrady33 No-Tech vase

jeepguy Endler and CRS

JMex Planted Bowl

Kehy Just a lil pico cube

Knotyoureality A Little Bit Smaller Now

Knotyoureality Collection

livebearerlove1L Office Tank

MABJ Micro Zen Garden

mckolit Candle Bowl

Meganne Beta Bowls

MMantelli mini 5 stones "vasescape"

mosspearl Planted Gallon Jars

Newman Shrimp Bowl

Nolan Unnamed

nutbags 1gl betta bowl

octanejunkie Beta Bowl

ophiophagus 0.9gal "Emerald City" 6" rimless cube

OVT Planted Whimsy

Ozydego Office Walstad shrimp bowl

prasoonv Candle Bowl

Raaan Planted "Column"

recklesswalserLittle Planted Bowl

RedseaReefer unnamed

Saxtonhill Cory Eggs

SDCAquaman Desk Vase

secuono unnamed

Seedreemer Vases

SmittyInFla one gallon no filter

talontsiawd Filterless Riparium Style Mini Bowl

TankYouVeryMuch My Betta Jar

tattooedfool83 Planted Bowl

thebuddha Pico

thebuddha wide mouth ball jar

thedirtydaniel 32oz glass jar

TonyK My 2 Gallon Cookie Jar

Quick5ilver 6 Bottles

wicca27 1g to 5g collection

Xiaozhuang Desktop Tank


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This is awesome! I started two jars last week and loving it. Thinking of starting more. Love to see what other people do.

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Searching the forum and compiling this list is pretty time consuming.
Please submit your 'tank in a bowl'.

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I sll update pictures later today.
A PM is the way if we want to keep the thread less cluttered ;)

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