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*!!!SALE!!!* EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO!!! 20-50% OFF!!!
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True' Mini Fissidens

Very HEALTHY and algae FREE. Bought it from Jimmy last Winter and now it's double the size shown. Photo of Jimmy's batch when I bought them during the time. Don't want to let them go, but it's time I move onto something else. Tied to river rock.
$20 each ([STRIKE]5[/STRIKE] 2 available)

Guppy Grass

Very HEALTHY and algae FREE.
[STRIKE]$4[/STRIKE] $2 per Golf Ball. 3 portions for $5

Christmas Moss

Very HEALTHY and algae FREE. Might have some baby MTS, but will dip in peroxide prior to shipping
[STRIKE]$9[/STRIKE] $6 per Golf Ball

Fluval Shrimp Minerals

Shrimp Mineral Supplement (A MUST HAVE FOR SHRIMP TANKS)
All Bottles are FACTORY SEALED
[STRIKE]$4[/STRIKE] $2 per bottle (10 available)

Glass Feeding Dishes

[STRIKE]$3[/STRIKE] $2 for each 50mm x 25mm piece
[STRIKE]$5[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT for each 60mm x 15mm piece
[STRIKE]$7[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT for each 65mm x 15mm piece

Glass Feeding Dish - To help keep your substrate free of leftover food particles. Easier to remove uneaten food(s), thus can help keep your tank water cleaner. Most importantly, this is proven to reduce the chance of getting planaria, worms and other unwanted pests! This is one of the major issues that shrimp keepers face and now, with these quality, lightweight shipping dishes, you can prevent this problem from happening while keeping your tank looking fancy. The coating on the glass allows for easy cleaning and algae doesn't tend to grow on it much, keeping it clear looking and clean. A must have for all shrimp tanks.


12G Club Stickers!!!

[STRIKE]$4[/STRIKE] $2 each (1st class shipping included) :hihi:


Shipping Rates:
(1) $5 and Up - 1st Class Bubble Mailer
(2) $6 and Up - Parcel | Box
(3) $7 and Up - Priority | Flat Rates

*DISCLAIMER* If you choose to ship via 1st class method, I can not guarantee no cracking, breaking, crumbling, etc. of any of the listed items due to the way they are handled by the USPS. If you want to make sure they are in perfect shape upon arrival, I would suggest using the boxed mailer. I will only guarantee any of my items shipped out to you under priority (boxed) w/ tracking in which a full refund is issued for the item(s) damaged, lost or unusable minus the shipping charge of course. If it's not priority and not track-able I have no way of knowing where the package is once the package is mailed out. You must also provide a clear picture of the item(s) damaged within 24 hours since its delivered.
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