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NOW LOWER PRICES!!! Thanks to all the continued support, I am able to purchase more from my vendors and bring costs down. I want to continue helping my community by providing the most competitive prices around so that everyone can save. Looking forward to your support! ;)

*NEW* Glass Feeding Dish for Nano Tanks 50mm x 25mm: Only $3! {2 for $5!!!}
Japanese Mineral Balls: For ALL

Black Bee Mineral Balls

The Black Bee Mineral Ball is a ceramic ball made of Bamboo Charcoal that slowly releases anions and minerals. The negatively charged parameter creates a refreshing natural environment that vitalizes metabolism and bacterium activities. It strengthens immune system of shrimp over time, as well as removes odor and impurities thus improving water quality. The calcium based mineral also aids in molting, color and shell enhancement.
• Contains more than 30 kinds of minerals substances which enhance the color and the life span of your crystal shrimp as well as enabling complete molting and ovulation of bee shrimps.
• Reduces the ammonia in water, prevents growth of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), and effectively maintains a stable PH aquarium environment.
• Sterilize the water by absorbing ammonia, nitrogen, and harmful substances which in turn enhance survival rate of baby shrimps.
• Widely used by Japanese Bee shrimp breeders which has great success on breeding different types of bee shrimp as bee shrimp has high demand on minerals.
• Suggested usage: 1 ball per 2 gallons along with the Red Bee Mineral Balls | Lasts 1 year | No maintenance
$1 each

Red Bee Mineral Balls

The Red Bee Mineral Ball is a ceramic ball that has antibacterial properties, releases trace minerals, absorbs harmful toxins, deodorizes water, and as an active filtering media. Helping to purify your aquarium water, the Red Bee Balls will improve the overall health and well being of your shrimp and any other inhabitants of the aquarium. May help reduce "mysterious shrimp deaths" as your shrimp colony began the thrive. A must have if you plan to eventually create a healthy strong breeding colony.
• Contains more than 20 kinds of minerals substances including but not limited to: potassium, zinc, lithium, sodium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, and other trace elements. Quicken the aging of your tank to reduce the wait time for your tank to be shrimp ready.
• Eliminates harmful toxins that can build up rapidly in an aquarium, especially in a highly stocked shrimp tank.
• Keeps toxins and impurities at safe levels between water changes, thus doesn't release excess of nutrients when disturbed.
• Helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, further improving water quality and clarity.
• Suggested usage: 1 ball per 2 gallons along with the Black Bee Mineral Balls | Lasts 1 year | No maintenance
$1 each


12G Club Stickers!!!

$4 each (1st class shipping included) :hihi:

Super X-Large Bio Sponge Filters

Roughly 5" round x 8" high. Excellent for shrimp tanks. Japanese made.
Brand New - $8 each ([STRIKE]5[/STRIKE] 2 available)
Under 3 Months - $5 each ([STRIKE]5[/STRIKE] 1 available)

Eheim Classic 2217 Inflow - [STRIKE]$10[/STRIKE] $8
Eheim Classic 2213 & 2215 Inflow | Eheim Ecco Pro Series 2232, 2234 & 2236 Inflow - [STRIKE]$4-$8[/STRIKE] $2 - $6

Eheim Classic 2213, 2215 & 2217 Outflow | Eheim Ecco Pro Series 2232, 2234 and 2236 Outflow - [STRIKE]$7-$12[/STRIKE] $5 - $10

Eheim Classic 2215 / 2217 | Eheim Ecco Pro 2234 / 2236 Inflow Strainer - [STRIKE]$5[/STRIKE] $3
Eheim Classic 2213, 2215 & 2217 Spray Bar | Eheim Ecco Pro Series 2232, 2234 & 2236 Spray Bar - [STRIKE]$5-$7[/STRIKE] $3 - $5

Cholla Wood

6"-7" long - 1"-2" in diameter. Size & shape are fairly consistent as you can see from this random bundle that I grabbed to take a picture of. Notice how straight and hollow the pieces are. 100% hand picked, pesticide/toxin free. Have sold thousands of these so I can assure you this is the BEST quality out there. These have gone in some major shrimp breeder's tanks, worth $$$$'s. *Will be picked at random so please don't expect them to be identical as pictured*

$10 for 5 pieces
$18 for 10 pieces
$26 for 15 pieces
$34 for 20 pieces ($1.65 each per additional after 20 pieces)

Cholla Wood - A hollow, semi-soft wood from the cholla cactus. Very unique looking and known to reduce pH slightly. These are naturally collected, free of pesticides or any harmful chemicals. Power washed and naturally dried. Excellent for any fish/shrimp tank - planted or non-planted. A great promoter for shrimp breeding - like Indian Almond Leaves - shrimps can eat the microorganisms that grows on the wood and hide in there; a natural shelter for baby shrimps & berried females. Also a great food source for plecos, snails, inverts, etc. due to its high vitamins and fiber content.

Grade "A" Indian Almond Leaves

Functionally "A+" grade and will certainly promote shrimp & fish breeding, higher survival rates for shrimplets & fry due to leaves anti-fungal / detoxifying properties. 100% hand picked, pesticide/toxin free and naturally dried. Have sold thousands of these so I can assure you this is the BEST quality out there. These have gone in some major shrimp breeder's tanks, worth $$$$'s.

Ranging from 5" - 8" inches in length

$10 for 25 pieces
$15 for 50 pieces
$20 for 75 pieces

Indian Almond Leaf - The leaves were found to help keep their fish/shrimp healthy with strong anti-bacterial properties and promote breeding. The dried leaves act as a "black water extract" which gradually turns the water brown like tea and effectively reduces the ph levels in water, releasing organic compounds such as humic acids, flavanoids (quercetin and kamferol) and tannins (s. a. punicalin, punicalagin and tercatein) into the water which absorb harmful chemicals. other fish known to benefit from indian almond leaf use include baby discus, cichlids, killi fish, rasboras, catfish and black water tetras.)

Food Sample Baggie

Mosura Specialty Food - Mosura CRS Specialty Food is especially designed to enhance the color of crystal red, red bee and other algae eating shrimps. Enriched with multivitamins (including stabilized vitamin C and E) and minerals (including calcium and magnesium) which are essential to increase resistance to diseases.
BorneoWild Color - Color is an organic shrimp diet rich in various types of essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, amino acids, nucleic acid, cysteine peptide and spirulina. It enhances the color and strengthen the outer shell of the shrimps. It does not clouds water.
(NEW) Ken's Premium Veggie Mini Sticks With Calcium - Formulated using a wide variety of vegetables, including only the best kelp! Excellent for shrimp, snails and other inverts that require a high level of calcium in there diet. This contains a 20% calcium level.
(NEW) Ken's Premium Spirulina Mini Sticks - A premium sinking mini stick made with our premium spirulina flakes that contain extra spirulina algae! Probiotics to aid in digestion and help keep your aquarium cleaner. Micro Sticks are 1.0 mm around and sinks.
(NEW) Premium Algae Wafers - This new veggie wafer that adds a large variety of veggies into one wafer.

$6 for each bag

Each bag contains ALL of the above. If fed properly, each sample bag should last up to 3 months! A great variety to sample for beginners to see which food your shrimps love the most before committing to buy them in full size portions. Don't waste your money on buying full portions of foods your shrimp might not even touch. Try these 5 out at 1/8th of the cost and I can assure you that there is at least one your shrimps will go crazy for. Purposely picked these 5 types to maximize protein/veggie ratio to give max potential grown as well as breeding. I have tried over a dozen types of foods out there and these are my top 5 that any shrimp in any of my tanks would dig right in :hihi:

Pyrex (Glass) Feeding Dish

$3 for each 50mm x 25mm piece (2 for $5) *NEW*

$5 for each 60mm x 15mm piece
$6 for each 65mm x 15mm piece
$10 for (1) 60mm x 15mm & (1) 65 mm x 15mm set (cover and base)

Glass Feeding Dish - To help keep your substrate free of leftover food particles. Easier to remove uneaten food(s), thus can help keep your tank water cleaner. Most importantly, this is proven to reduce the chance of getting planaria, worms and other unwanted pests!


Shipping Rates:
(1) $3 and Up - Bubble mailer 1st Class
(2) $5 and Up - Boxed mailer Parcel
(3) $7 and Up - Priority & Flat Rates

*DISCLAIMER* If you choose to ship via the bubble mailer method, I can not guarantee no cracking, breaking, crumbling, etc. of any of the listed items due to the way they are handled by the USPS. If you want to make sure they are in great shape upon arrival, I would suggest using the boxed mailer. I will only guarantee any of my items shipped out to you under priority (boxed) w/ tracking in which a full refund is issued for the item(s) damaged, lost or unusable minus the shipping charge. If it's not priority and not track-able I have no way of knowing where the package is once the package is mailed out and when it got delivered. You must provide a clear picture of the item(s) damaged within 24 hours since its delivered. In regards to the IAL, if you are using them for your shrimps, I would highly recommend getting them shipped via bubble mailer since they don't need to be in perfect shape to function normally. Don't go for its looks, go for its functionality and save on shipping ;).
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