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Hi Everybody,

I apologize if this subject has been beat to death in the past. Talking about the past, 99% of my plants did great over the years and the major differences between then and now is that I only kept fish, the tanks were larger, and I never used ferts. Now I only have shrimp after starting with fish, the tank is smaller (15g vs. 55g), and I "might" have to use ferts but I do not know anything about their use or which types to use.

(Guess I'm going to get a crash course on them now)

It seems that my plants might be starting to suffer from a deficiency possibly potassium.

I have two Java Ferns (Microsorum pteropus) that are exhibiting holes in some of their leaves as if being eaten. On ocassion I've seen a snail or two including shrimp on the plants leaves, but I seriously doubt that either one is eating my plants. I did read a couple of articles about the same symptoms and they go right back to a (possible) potassium problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to treat the plants, and if I have to use "ferts", whats the best with shrimp, DRY or LIQUID?



PS: I do WC every 7-10 days, avg 30% +, and I have one 15 watt flourescent tube thats on 7 to 8.5 hours a day. The shrimp are fed every other or every second day.

And there's zero Co2.
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