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If you want ease of use why not mix up a batch of 500 ml? You can use your 40 ml jars as measuring devices. If you have an old water bottle (they are usually 500 ml) add the amounts below. Then pour 40 ml of that into your tank every other day. I realize the sticky here says 3/16 tsp. for a 70 gallon tank but that's actually twice what you need (2.77 ppm per dose of PO4). You can heat the water to aid in the dissolution. This won't help in dissolving the calcium in the GH booster very much though. I would add enough to raise GH 1-2 dGH once a week with water change instead. The calcium and phosphate may be reacting and forming calcium phosphate. I would try to separate them and see if that helps.

Bottle one,
KNO3 8 tsp.
KH2PO4 1 1/8 tsp.

Bottle two,
Plantex 6 tsp.
Iron (DTPA 11%) 2 tsp.

Dose GH booster after water change once per week.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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