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Yes, GH booster will dissolve in the tank. There is a LOT more water in there.

Alternate method:
Do not add water to your 40ml jars.
Just put dry ferts in them.
Dump dry ferts into the tank.
I try to aim for the maximum water movement, such as the flow coming in from the filter, or adding the ferts in front of a power head.

Ditto to using the GH booster just once a week, when you do water changes. Even when I was preparing a garbage can full of water I had to shake the GH booster a lot to get it to dissolve. I would shake it with some water, then pour off the water, keeping the undissolved GH booster in the jar and keep adding more water, shake, pour off the water... until the GH booster was fully dissolved.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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