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Linde REDLINE Regulator: R200/2-8SS Build

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Linde REDLINE Regulator: R200/2-8SS

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my DIY dual stage regulator build.

Parts List in order of installation:

  • 5 LB. Aluminum CO2 Cylinder
  • CGA 320 Nut/Nipple
  • Linde REDLINE Regulator: R200/2-8SS
  • Stainless Steel Swagelok Pipe Fitting, Hex Long Nipple, 1/4 in. Male NPT
  • Brass Swagelok Pipe Fitting, Reducing Street Elbow, 1/4 in. Female NPT x 1/8 in. Male NPT
  • Burkert 6011 solenoid (1/8 NPT)
  • Brass Swagelok Pipe Fitting, Street Elbow, 1/8 in. Female NPT x 1/8 in. Male NPT
  • Hoke 1300 series needle valve
  • Brass Swagelok Tube Fitting, Reducer, 1/4 in. x 1/8 in. Tube OD
  • Mettleair Push to Connect Check Valve 1/4" OD
  • Mettleair Pressure Resistant Tubing
  • ADA Check Valve
  • Deep blue Silicone Tubing
  • DO!aqua CO2 Diffuse


Pressure testing my new regulator. Buying a used regulator on eBay has been quite the experience. The first two purchases where lemons, and I was about to give up if the Linde did not work out. But after twenty four hours the dual stage pressure test was passed.

I wired up the 24 VDC power adapter to the solenoid, also the needle valve arrived.

All parts assembled!

The Hoke 1300 series needle valve is a work of precision.

Building my own dual stage CO2 system has been deeply satisfying.

The DO!aqua CO2 Diffuse is an integrated CO2 injection system that combines a bubble counter and a diffuser. The glass diffuser diffuses CO2 in water quite efficiently.

I look forward to improved plant growth in my 20 gallon planted aquarium. I hope the pressurized CO2 addition makes my plants happy. Feels great to finally have a balanced ecosystem to promote my flora and fauna to flourish.
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Thank you FlyingHellFish, I couldn't have done it without your and Alan's advice! I am still tinkering with my Hoke needle valve getting it to stay at 1bps. I will probable have to re-adjust the handle. The Hoke handle starting position was way before the zero mark so the numbers are not accurate.
Hey! Me too! One of my Hoke was set really high while the other one was nice and low. Ahhh you got a 20 gallon, the pictures makes it look bigger.
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