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I have a new Fluval Spec V tank. It's been up 10 days now. There are only plants, ADA Amazonia powder and three rocks in it. All the plants are slow growing low/medium light plants besides Limnophila sessiliflora.
The Limnophila sessiliflora was growing a lot the first 7 days (about 2 cm). All other plants were also fine. Then I noticed that some of the Limnophila sessiliflora were getting weaker and started moving around a lot due to the water flow.
There are 8 stems. One of them has melted away almost completely. Two or three of them look healthy but not as strong as the first week.

I have not given them any fertilization. I have done one water change of 30% yesterday. The nitrite and nitrate values are not catastrophic. I don't think that the amount of light is a problem since there is light coming from the window and the plants were growing happily the first 7 days.

What should I do? Just wait, do more water changes or something else?
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