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Limnophila aromatica

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Scientific Plant Name: Limnophila aromatica
Common Plant Name:

Temperature Range: 72-80 F
PH Range:
Light: High
Growth: Fast
Overall: Moderately Easy
Country of Origin: Southeast Asia
Overall Height: 12 to 24 inches
Position in Aquascape: Rear
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jman, thanks! I've started some new plants and as soon as they look like they are going to make it, I'm going to put them in plastic bags with holes as shown in the link. I'll have to put them in a shaded area, as we are in the high 90's or low 100's every day these days. The ones I've put in the 20G aquarium under lights are looking better than when they were out in the open under lights, but not great. I don't have a light bar for this aquarium, but I have a two-bulb germination light sitting on top of the opening in the lid of the aquarium. The other opening in the lid is covered in plastic. The temp is staying pretty constant, 80ish, and humidity is anywhere from 80-95% during the 12 hours each day the light is on. But those leaf ends are still browning. Maybe this bag method will get it hot enough and humid enough to make them more happy.

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Hi guys,

Do you guys know why my aromatica is losing all the leaves towards the bottom of the steam while it's growing great up top? My aromatica is also very green, almost a transparent green nearest to the top closest to the light. Is this normal or what can I do to preserve the entire stem and prevent it from losing leaves on the bottom? It's looking all weird now because its real busing up top and just naked stems on the bottom on all my aromatica.. Any input will be great!

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