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Anyone ever try using lily pipes and a sump?

I used to think this kind of thing was not possible but I also didn't know about hang on back overflow boxes. Now I'm wondering if I can build something that will attach to the back end of a lily pipe and perform the same function as a hang on back overflow.

Why do this?

Long and short is aesthetics and the need to cool the water.

My newt tank is only about 60% full of water. I want to be able to use lily pipes in the tank (as opposed to drilling it) for the aesthetics. BUT I also want to cool the water in the tank a handful of degrees. The easiest way to cool the water is run a fan over the surface, the evaporation will chill the water. BUT I don't want to have a fan hanging out permanently above my nice spiffy rimless tank. So I figured I can run a sump and stick the fan above the sump.

I've been trying to make a DIY chiller to run inline with my canister filter but its not working out so far. A professional chiller runs 500 dollars.. so I'm really trying to avoid that. And thus my idea of using my lily pipes. The return is obviously no issue. The problem is the intake. When doing a water change the suction will be broken and a big air gap will be created in the intake tube. My idea is to rip off the solution of the MAME Design Overflow seen here:

Its hard to see but the intake and return are connected through a small tube that creates a venturi effect. The air in the intake is evacuated from the tube by the force of this venturi effect. I thought to do this with my system but lower down (in the pvc that will attach to the ends of the lily pipe) and there will be a lot more air to evacuate because my tubes will be bigger and farther apart. I'm going to try to build this thing but before I go off into somewhat uncharged territory, I wanted to know if anyone has done this before and already worked the bugs out?

Here is a picture of my tank currently:

Ignore the blue tape, my lid warped and I'm trying to correct the issue so I don't need to make a new lid. If you made it this far thanks for reading!
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