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lily pipes for ada mini m eheim 2211

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The title says it all:

I'm new to keeping a mini m. actually, I have been wanting one of these tanks for years, years, years, and for some reason, I thought that today would be the day to buy one. anyway, I have an eheim 2211. What lily pipes should I buy that would be compatible with the filter and tank size? 13mm set or 9mm set?


el g
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It is a bit of a pain to decide in my opinion since the inflow and outflow tubes are different sizes...

I have the metal pipes and really really like them, although the inflow is a bit too tall it works fine. The thing I like about these is the metal, they won't break and don't look dirty really.

They are 13mm.

Thanks Andrew,

I'm narrowing it down to a 13mm inflow and a 10mm outflow. Didn't know about the metal pipes. I was thinking glass all the way for a clean look, but never thought about metal. Thanks for the input!!
-el g
The smallest metal pipe is designed for a 60-P in size, so they are a bit large.

I use both the Do!Aqua lily pipes and the ADA lily pipes for the eheim 2211 on two seperate tanks at home. Really that one comes down to aesthetic preference. The Violet Pipes are a little bit more 'playful' in apperance and the ADA Lily Pipes are slightly more clean cut and minimal / industrial looking.
This is a dead thread I know, but I'm just wondering if the Do!Aqua pipes are really Violet in color? As in is the glass slightly violet?
Or is that just another cute ADA name for them? I the shape is irrelevant to me, but if they are violet that would be interesting
Cute name. Sorry. :cool:

so for the 2211 its a 13mm inflow and a 10mm (or 9mm?) outflow correct? but will the 13 mm outflow work with the 2211?
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