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Lily Pipe Question

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I am seriously considering Lily Pipes for one of my 60-P's.

I do not understand the difference between these two. They both have 13mm fittings. The only differences I can discern are price and the intake section. The first one says it is for "pool" type aquariums. What is that?

Buying equipment should be easier than this.
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I have a set from Cal Aqua, not the ADA set. But the second one, the more expensive one, looks more like the intake I have....with the series of slits near the bottom used as intakes.

The first one looks like it might have just a hole in the bottom, perhaps for attaching tubing to get the intake down lower in the tank?!? Pure guess work on that one.
my educated guess is that the second one would work well for you most likely, as it has the standard intake design. The first link you gave...the pool design, is most likely somewhere along the lines of a system that doesn't product waste/particles...I.E. aquarium with fish, shrimp, turtles, etc. The opening looks much to fine to allow these items to pass through.
It is easy. forget the "pool" verbage.

The first Lily Pipe listed is the old style ADA intake. The tube has a flattened, slightly opened end with a hole above it. The water flows in through the slightly crimped bottom portion of the pipe as well as the small hole.

The second Lily Pipe is like a very long and bent test tube. The tube has a closed end and horizontal slits cut into the bottom portion of it.

I have run both and had good results with them. The V-! is cheaper because it is the older model.

Choice is up to you. Either will work.

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