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Hello everyone. I'm putting a tank together and am in the process of gathering all pieces and parts to do so. The tank is a 14-gallon cube measuring 15"x15"x15". I am going to order an OASE 100 with the heater built into it. So here inlays my dilemma. The size and shape of the lily pipe to use. Now I know the pipe size has to is 13mm but do I use a full size set or a nano set. also what type of pipe would a spindown work best for this size tank? not even sure if this filter is the right size for this tank I have never worked with a tank this size. The plan for this tank is nano fish
like ember tetras and shrimp if that helps.

Hi we are in parallel set up mode right now almost. I am in the process of setting up my 12 gallon long with a Oase thermo100 (built in heater) filter :)
Well the included in lights and outlets are very nicely made with flow valve built into them, like you I just want clear however I do not like fragile glass lily pipes.

I found a seller on eBay that sells the same exact clear plastic pipe 13mm OD.
So I will be bending my own custom lily pipes with a heat gun and pipe bending spring.
Here is my 4 g cube i did the same thing.
These tubes were sized for a zoomed nano10 filter.

I found this on online and will be using it connected to the custom inlet pipe and then i will design my own lily outlet .

If you were doing CO2 I would use a spinner outlet. However otherwise I would use a wide mouth lily outlet pointed up to surface to help with gas exchange.
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