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I only have one planted tank, been working hard on it recently and I think I've finally balanced it. Don't get much algae apart from some cladophora which is on its way out. However, my glass lilly as still covered in different algaes/bacteria that I don't see in the rest of the tank. There's a lot of brown diatoms and a bit of what looks like BGA on the glass. Does this mean my tank isn't actually balanced at all, surely those pipes would be clean if everything was balanced? Anyone else have a balanced tank w/ dirty lilly pipes?

Tank paramiters,
NO2: 0
NO3: 10
Size:5 gallon
Livestock: 3 otos, 3 amano shrimp, 1 nerite, many MTS
Plants: Crypt Wendtii, Java fern, Java moss, hydrocotyle tripartita, Bacopa carolina, Pothos, Parlour palm, Water lettuce
Temp: 24C
Age: 2 years
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