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Lilly ID Please...

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Hey all,

Found this "Water Lilly at one of my LFS, I was looking for color and took a chance on this (only one they had:frown: ) Can anybody ID it for me please. It simply has become my best and most liked species in the tank. I bought it at about 5" tall, it's roots were grown into what seemed like a peice of lava rock and when I seperated the roots from the basket I got 3 individual plants from it:icon_cool Its been only two weeks sense I got it and as you can see... it now reaches all the way to the top of my 55 gal tank. and the lilly pads that have reached the surface provide great shade/comfort for my Discus. the leaves seem to be about 5-6" in diameter and the color is a purple/bronze greenish leaves. Thanks for any info on this great species.

Thanks again folks.

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I have one of them there great. I had to go through all my little tags that come with the plants in the pots. It is a Nymphaea stellata (Dwarf Aquarium Lily) Its a great plant to have I think. The color on it is outstanding and really catches your eye. I hope that helped
Thanks Madfish,

Thats what the tag read on the one I bought as well. "water lilly"?? Not much to go on, But I did look it up and found what I believe it is:
Nymphaea lotus var. rubra AKA: red tiger lotus. The photo seems to match mine it says it propagates by daughter plants on runners. (looking forward to that). This discription says that it propagates by daughter plants from a Tuber?? I found only roots attached to what seemed like a lava rock. I really don't think it was a tuber though.... here is the dwarf version: says its the same type of propagation though... hate to trim the leaves before they reach the surface though, they look really cool when they reach it.:smile:

I do hope that I was some help to you. By the way you have some great looking discus. Im just starting to get into them.
Tiger lotus(green and red) are "dwarves" in general as they don't spread like wildfire.

Mine from my pond was about 5 ft in diameter, but in the aquarium, it is small.

what does the bulb look like?
possibly the "lava rock" was the bulb. If it looked like LR, it was probally Nymphaea micrantha, and not tiger lotus, Nymphaea zenkeri, has a smooth bulb.
I'll try to get some bulb pics up later.
Red tiger lotus bulb next to a small LR

Unhatched Micrantha bulb

The red tiger that came from the bulb pictured above

Note that this was put in the aquarium monday night, as my pond is getting cold, that's why she's ugly.
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To sum it all up, your plant looks like Nympheae micrantha to me, more so than Nympheae zenkeri.

Thanks for the kind words... I've had my Discus for about 3 months.... they have really grown alot! (starting to see some pairing up (really cool) I am amazed at the way they color up as they get older simply beautiful. I've got a couple of ocean greens and the other 4 are red turks.


The bulb was wraped in that root matting and was in the plastic basket so as I was taking it out I carefully removed the matting and I managed to seperate two of the plants from this (lava rock??) bulb. the other plant was to entangled in the bulb... so I just buried it with the plant... Hope that was ok? the two plants that I seperated from it are doing fine so.... I said lava rock because thats what it felt like. To be honest I didn't really pay to much mind to it, I was really focusing on getting the roots untangled from it. Will I get more Bulbs from it when it propagates? or runners? hmmm. Thanks for the insight.

they do fine with or without the bulbs. and the bulb is fine buried or not.
I just threw mine in the tank because they sometimes producemore plants form older bulbs that have produced before.

They propogate sorta weirdly.
they can do seeds if allowed to flower(rare in aquariums)
they can do viviparus(plantlet from center of leaves)
and they spread by runner plants that eventually grow bulbs.
i just bought one of those from a member,the bulb was nut attached to the rest.can i just bury the bulb and new plant born?
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