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Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae or Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

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ok there is a bit of confusion between the 2 species heres what tropica has to say :

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can grow very compact, but a ''lawn effect'' is only achieved at high light intensity. When planting in the aquarium small clumps (approx. 1/8 pot) should be placed a few centimetres apart to help the plants grow together more quickly. Place in an open position without shading from other plants to ensure good light. L. brasiliensis can be used in garden ponds, and also tolerates low salt concentrations in brackish aquariums.

Lilaeopsis novea-zealandiae comes (as the name indicates) from New Zealand, and has characteristic, completely circular leaves. There is some confusion about its name, and it has been sold as Lileaopsis brasiliensis, which is a South American species. The plant will probably be given a third name, L. ruthiana.

now heres my real problem im after some Lilaeopsis brasiliensis for my south american biotope but only has Lilaeopsis novea-zealandiae but in their pic it does not appear to me novea zealandiae as it is not circuluar nor is it like the tropica stuff i have seen at big als. Since this species has so much confusion could it be that they have it labeled incorrectly or have an incorrect pic ? heres a link to the pick of it please tell me what you think ? thanks.
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Might not be what your looking for but the last 2 times I ordered from them what shipped and what was pictured was not the same, I just took it like it was kinda like ordering a big mac and thinking it's gonna look like the pic on the drive through menu
Perhaps I can shed some light on this since I have a close relationship with Florida Aquatic Nurseries who produces all the potted plants that and I sell.

FAN has been producing the plant for the last 20 years, and for a long time used the name novea-zealandiae, (is that the right spelling? I just copied what you wrote) Fairly recently they updated most of the names of their stock plants, and now use the name Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, the label on the pot now has this name. is probably unaware of this fact.

FAN also added another new Lilaeopsis specie to their product offering:
Lilaeopsis maurituis, or "Narrow leaf Micro Sword". This specie has a much more narrow leaf, almost hairlike, and grows faster under lower light levels than the other lilaeopsis species. Maurituis is an island country off the southern coast of Africa, and the plant was discovered there by one of the Tropica guys.

FAN has made a number of upgrades to their plant line and is adding several new plants in the coming months with my guidance. I got them to produce HC on a mass scale as well as Ludwigia cuba and several others. Many of the "import" plants will soon be available here.
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How does one get the Lilaeopsis maurituis?

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