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lilaeopsis brasiliensis

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Can I grow lilaeopsis brasiliensis in 2 wpg tank?
I will also add co2 and ferts.

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wow from Estonia :)
how tall is your tank? wpg can't always a true measurement for lighting.

Tank dimension will be 100x40x30 (LxWxH), so what do you think ?

I want to make it a anubias and ferns tank, but also I would like to add some nice groundcover plants, which would be lilaeopsis brasiliensis and Eleocharis parvula.
Also I'm still looking for a great background plant, I thought that vallsineria is too tedious.

Thank you for your kind attention!
I grew it at a little less than 2wpg in my 75 gallon.
your tank will be similar to mine (40 galon in my sig).

i'm afraid that your anubias will have some algae issue with that lighting but ottocinclus will clean them up.
Thanks for answering.

I think, that otto' s can handle the algae, if some of it occurs, maybe I'll buy some SAE' s as well.

I ordered lilaeopsis yesterday. Last week I got anubias nana and barteri eyes from Singapore + fissidens fontanus and willow moss "Yay" . Do you have some ideas what plant I can use in background ?

Wow, ikuzo I wanna make a similar tank like your 40 gal. It looks awesome.
thanks. i love it too, very little maintenance indeed. a lot more time to enjoy it. good luck with your tank and i'll be expecting it in the photo album thread soon :)
You can put anubias under a bigger plant like a sword or cryptocoryne for shade.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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