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Liking my SMS

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I got such a good deal on this stuff, 2 50-pound bags for $28 and I love it. Put it in my 20 gallon last night and today put it in my 55 gallon that's not planted yet. The corys and loaches love it and can dig in it.

I just figured when it was time to plant the 55 that the substrate would be ready when I was. Took a few hours to clear and several filter floss changes (just rinsed it out) but I like it.

I like how it's all uniform in size. I totally hated Fluorite and hated the color as well. Love the SMS.
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Good to know. :) I ordered a bag of SMS last week....hoping they'll call me soon to come pick it up. It will be my first time using it and after all the good things I've heard, I'm excited. Its gonna go in a 20 long....with some dwarf cories, so hopefully they'll like it.

I totally hated Fluorite and hated the color as well. Love the SMS.
Same here. :D I hate Flourite.
First bucket full I rinsed about 12 times. Second and third pailfulls I said to heck with it and just rinsed 3 or 4 times. Water is pretty bad but it clears very fast. I use filter floss so just removed it and rinsed it several times until the water cleared up in a few hours. Fill tank slowly over a plastic bag really helps.

Checked pH a day later and no change.
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