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Hey t i really like the idea of freshwater tanks with plants in them. i think they look better than some saltwater tanks. So I've been working at petsmart for about 6 months and know the basics of fish keeping but no one there knows nothing about plants. hopefully i can be the 1st.:icon_smil
anyway i was searching on this site and saw some truly amazing photos of some tanks and i decided to get some plants and see what happens. I don't have flourite on the bottom, just play sand. I added anarchis, Java Moss, Hornwort, and something that starts with an "S" Saga... i dunno. now my question is will these plants do fine with my lighting. Its a 55g and 2 15w bulbs and i put a little 20w table lamp on top as well. I dont really understand how the lighting all works?><?> any help is apreciated thanks.
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That lighting will not be sufficient. Also, contrary to what most Petsmart employees tell me, salt is NOT necessary and not to be put into a planted tank.
ahha trust me here. ppl who work here usually dont know jack about the fish or anything.
ahha trust me here. ppl who work here usually dont know jack about the fish or anything.
lol I see, they tried to convince my dad that salt was absolutely necessary for the pond haha

What is your budget for lighting improvements?
well i dont kno if i wanan go all out with this tank and plants cause i got some silver dollars. although they dont seem to mind the plants i have in there right now. when i do plan on making a 1337 plant tank id probaly say around $100 for lighting? is that too much or too little? id also want something like a light that can rest on top of the tank and that doesnt need to be mounted on a wall.

i also have an empty 20 gallon. any light suggestions for that one?
what size 20 gallon... 20 tall or 20 long?

For the typical 20 gallon tall, 24" tank... a 2x24 watt HO T5 system is a great and can be a very affordable as well upgrade.

Something like this.
Retrofit your 2 15 watt lights for the 20 gallon.

Check out this site:

They sell lighting kits.
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