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So im setting up a 1050 liters, roughly 250g tank with focus on fish such as discus, tetras, corys and dwarf cichlids.

Dimensions are 180x90x65 LxWxH (70x35x25 inches)

Open top with roots and some plants above the surface for Copella arnoldi to use.

I have been in the Reef tank game a while so there's a bit of rust regarding the fresh water scene.

I want to have thriving plants. I was thinking of keeping it low tech and use liquid c02 and some pmdd.

But when it comes to light its a bit harder.

I have a budget of around $1500 but would like to keep it much more cheap if possible.

Im thinking 2x maxspect razor 160w to cover 35x35 inches each OR maybe 2x150w Geissman Nova II.

Any thoughts about this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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