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Lights and plants

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I have the following things for sale:

S. repens (5-7 bunches, each bunch with at least 7 or so plants) $3 each bundle several bunches already sold
H. pinnatifida (3-5 inch stems and runners with 3 or so plants per runner) several available - $1.50 each per stem, or per runner several already sold, more available!


1. Solarmax HOT5 Fixture (2 x 24W, 24"bulbs), 29" fixture length, LED moon lights - 30$. I'd prefer local pick-up.
2. ZooMed HOT5 fixture. (2 x 24W, 24" bulbs), `30" fixture length - $40.
3. Finnex HOT5 fixture (4x 54W 48" bulbs), 50" fixture length, LED moon lights - $50. Prefer local pick up.

Since you guys are local, and I'd prefer to not ship I'd thought I'd give you guys a heads-up too.

*** There might be algae, and I have snails ***

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how much would you charge for shipping up to manchester nh 03104
If you want shipping, I have an offer in the sale section too. This is just for local!
Ok, sorry I'm new to this whole thing, my bad

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I also have a used 20gal long for sale. It's in good condition! $15 Pick-up only.
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