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I am just setting up an 8' x 2' x 2' planted tank. I have spent the last week reading all I could find, both here and elsewhere.

I would like to ask the resident guru's for their opinion on the right lighting. Substrate is organic soil covered with EcoComplete. MIL 957 and 122 CO2 reg and controller, and 2 100watt heat cables. (The tank is centered under a north-facing 3' skylight.)

I have seen a bit on LED lights, but many suggest that T5HO are the way to go. Question is 2 - 4' 2 bulb or 2 - 4' 4 bulb fixtures? How do CoralLife fixtures rate? Are there better out there? What about the new MarineLand LEDs? I want a lush tank, but not one I have to mow twice a week.

I would appreciate any and all comments, and I thank you for your expertise.

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