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16g rimless cherry shrimp, 20g cube dwarf cichlid, 40g breeder nano community.
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Looking for a new light for a Waterbox 16. Rimless dimensions are 600 x 300 x 360mm or 23.4"×11.8"×14.2". I'm running CO2 and trying to grow out a dwarf hairgrass carpet on one side. This light would replace a Fluval Nano that will move to a Waterbox Mini Clear 6.

This photo was taken before cleaning the glass...

The Nano on the left is getting returned because at 0% it looks like this:

And the store I purchased it from does not have any others in stock.

EDIT: I bit the bullet and purchased a 24" to 36" Fluval 3.0 off of Amazon late this morning. I'll have to hang it when I get it on Saturday.
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