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Tank: 56 Gallon
Tank Dimensions: 30"width X 18"depth X 24"height
Substrate: ADA mixture, 4" - 6" deep.
Plant lighting requirements: High, example Dwarf Baby Tears.
Compressed Co2, ferts to be used.

I am trying to plan the the lights out against PAR requirements rather then the old and fail method of watts/gallon. Just doesn't seem to compute so want a sanity check.

Q1.) 2 T5-HO bulbs roughly 4 inches from the top of the tank according to the PAR chart created by Hoppy should be right in the sweet spot. Am I right, close, or out in right field.

Q2.) In a planted tank like this, does a lunar aka night light benefit the plants growth at all or is it purely for the benefit of the viewers.

Q3.) The Lighting I am looking at according to this information is the dual-lamp T5-HO you can find here It "seems" quality enough and each bulb has its own reflector. I am however very open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

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