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All 4 of my planted tanks are well outfitted with Catalina T5HO lights, as well as fishneedit lights for one of my smaller tanks. They all have CO2 that is pretty well adjusted (pretty sure) and all have drop checkers with 4dkh solution to monitor the CO2 level. EI dosing as well.

My question is regarding the lighting period. Until recently, I had all of my tanks set for 6-7hrs and just recently went to 8-9hrs. All of my plants have been responding very well with the exception of one...Rotala Rotundifolia.

I have the plant in 3 of my tanks. It grows tall pretty fast, but the leaves seem to be underdeveloped, or very small. As the stem gets closer to the top of the tank, it seems the leaves start getting larger like they are supposed to be. Of the plants I have, this is the only one that appears to have some type of growth problem.

I have been pushing my CO2 levels to where my drop checker just starts to get to the more pale color of green just before the lights shut off. All the plants pearl pretty heavily.

The question I had was could this have been to the low lighting period? Where should the light really be set at, or is that just different based on your setup? Is this common for this plant?

Here is what my tanks have (all T5HO):

125g (2 CA 36", 4 X 39W, hanging about 32" above the substrate)
125g (2 CA 36", 3 X 39W, on legs 2" above tank)
75g (1 CA 48", 2 X 54W, on legs 2" above tank)
29g (1 FNI 30", 2 X 24W, on legs 3" above tank)

All of the CA lights are custom width for better light distrobution.
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