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Lighting Options/Suggestions

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So I've been searching the forums (and the internet in general) and I haven't been able to find the answers that I'm looking for (and I've gotten overwhelmed by all the information out there).

I am starting a 7.5gal 12"x12"x12" cube aquarium. There will not be a cover. The light will be anywhere from 12" above the substrate (no more than 10" of water), up to any height above the substrate needed. The plants I will be using (already bought) are S. repens, L. brasiliensis, AR "mini", and R. wallichii. I am hoping to dry start this setup in the next couple days, and then will be dosing CO2 once I flood the tank. I plan to use BDBS with either Osmocote + or a MGOCPM capped with BDBS.

Right now I have a Sylvania Ultra LED 13w dimmable flood lamp in a simple clamp-on metal reflector. It has 900 lumens and is wet rated (part # LED13PAR30LN/DIM/850/FL40/GL/W/RP).

I really haven't been able to find any information about this lamp online to tell me what kind of PAR value I'm going to be getting from it, and whether it would be suitable for what I want to do or not.

Will this LED flood lamp be enough light? Should I get a 2nd? I've also been looking at both the Finnex Stingray, and the Finnex Fugeray Planted+. I like both of them, but I haven't seen anyone show PAR data for lights under 20" (I would have to use the 12" models). It's hard to find a reasonably priced high-light option for a 12" tank it seems.

Could anyone help me determine which option would be best for my setup? Let me know if you need any more information.

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