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I am planning to set up a new Planted aquarium soon and wanted some opinions on lighting options. I have a 8 gallon Hexagon aquarium that measures at about 20inch tall. My plan is to keep it Low tech to an extent so I don't plan on running c02 but I am open to liquid ferts. I want a carpet of dwarf hair grass and that will probably be the highest maintenance plant I put in the aquarium.
I bought my aquarium for its look so my intent it to use the canopy/hood that came with the tank. I have measured and came to the conclusion that an AI Prime would fit inside the hood. I planned on using plastic to cover the holes that are not covered by the aquarium lids in order to reduce moisture getting to the light. My two question are:

1. Are there other lighting options(cheaper then the AI Prime) that would work for me?
2. If I use plastic to cover the openings as a extra step of stopping moisture from getting into the canopy will this be enough to protect the Ai fixture or any other fixture you suggest.
Side note: I am handy and would be able to fabricate a light stand to lift the AI prime off the aquarium. my main concern is moisture.
If you all don't think this will work or that I am risking too much money (Ai prime) by having it inside the canopy. I will most likely settle for something cheap and turn the tank into a moss jungle of some sort.


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