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Lighting options fro 2.5ft tank

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I got a 36 bowfront tank and now I see problems with this choice.
I can get either 24" or 36" long lights but nothing for my size. Even the light I ultimately got (Current 30") is in fact a 2ft model with longer ends - the tube is the same.

Suggestions ?
I have a feel that the corners a dimmer...and the bow section, too..
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for a 30" tank (mine are 30 breeders), i got a ODYSSEA 30" 130W Aquarium Power Compact Light 3 cords. tried a 36" coralife, but the extra 6" was both ugly and a PITA with other equipment around it. i stage the bulbs to keep algae at bay, and the design of the legs are actually more elegant than the cheap ones coralife uses. pretty cheap for light fixture, though you will need to replace the bulbs it comes with.
Not really. Coralife makes a 30" fixture with 2x65 watt bulbs, spaced out as far as possible.
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