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Lighting options for 40G Breeder?

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Hi everyone,

So recently I was able to acquire a new 40G breeder (36 in wide, 18 in deep, 16 in tall) in the Petco DPG sale.

I have 40lbs of EcoComplete and an Aquaclear 50 (worried that it won't provide enough water movement).

Anyways, I've been looking around for lighting options, but everyone seems to have different opinions and a lot of the options I'm seeing are out of my budget range.

I'm only looking to grow low-medium light plants and I will dose Flourish Excel and possibly the normal Flourish (comprehensive) regularly.

So far what I've seen are crazy-expensive LEDs, overkill 4-tube T5HOs, shop lights of varying sizes and tube types/quantities. I'm having the most trouble finding cheap enough (sub-100?) fixtures that both fit my tank dimensions (above) and provide adequate lighting.

Specific models/links are much appreciated!

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