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Lighting options for 178 g tank 60"l x 24"w x 27" deep

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Hi all,

I started a journal and am in the planning stages for my 178 g tank. The tank measures 60" long x 24" wide x 27" deep.

To complicate matters somewhat, I would like to maintain the enclosed canopy that came with the tank. This canopy will allow fixtures of ~61" w by ~ 5" tall. The reasons for keeping the canopy are looks and glare protection (the TV room is adjacent to the tank). If need be, I could potentially build another canopy that would be taller, but would like to reserve that as a last choice.

I am looking primarily at 5' t5ho retrofit fixtures, and am leaning toward using either two 2 x 80w ready-fit fixtures from sunlight supply (tek reflectors) OR four 1 x 80w retro kits so I can control each bulb separately.

So, I guess I am looking for either confirmation or other suggestions for lighting this tank. Other details - will be using a "sealed" sump and pressurized CO2. Goal will be a med light tank with large school of cardinals etc. Not expecting to grow perfect carpet plants.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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