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Hello! I am fairly new to the planted tank world!
I'm merely passing by with the lights on the 55 gallon kit I got!
(Only 32 watts in total! My Hygro doesn't seem to mind, though!)
I'd like to have a medium/low light. Because I will NOT be injecting CO2 into the tank!

I would like to have:

Dwarf Hygro
Sunset Hygro
Jungle Val
Dwarf Sag
Water sprite
Various Anubias
and possibly Java Moss.
and much more Medium/low light plants!

I have an underwater filter, so I'm getting a glass canopy.
I'm hesitant to get a DIY dual 48 inch lighting set up, due to it not being so water resistant.
If there is a rather cheap way to get around this, and about how much light I would need, I would appreciate it.

Side note: I'm not sure about using T5's My LFS buddy (Known him for about 10 years.) tells me they get way to hot to really even bother with! I'm sure there is ways to get around it, but i'd rather not electrocute myself!!
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