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Lighting ideas for Lowtech 75G

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I setting up a 75g biotope aquarium and had a lighting question. How many T8 bulbs should I be using if the main plants are to be vals, crypts, and dwarf lilies? Would four be too much? Could I get away with three?

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I'd go with 3 bulbs of T8 or 2 bulbs of T5HO.

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The lighting is a bit on the strong side but I expect would work as long as you incorporate plenty of stem plants and probably also some floating plants for light control.

I run the same type/amount of watts over my own 90gal and do have algae issues when I run over 8hrs/day.
IMO, 2x54 T5HO bulbs, especially with decent reflectors won't make for a low tech tank. You'll need CO2 and ferts with that unless you raise it above the tank quite a bit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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