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Lighting help 55 gal planted tank

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I have a 55 gal planted tank. I do not want to run c02 , but I am dosing Excel daily as recommended. I have 3 inches of eco-complete substrate. This tank is about 3 months old. It has fully cycled. Pretty well planted. About half to 2 thirds the bottom is planted. Different plants. Melon sword , kliener bar sword , ananubias barteri , chain sword , etc. I currently have an Aquatic life T5HO fixture running 2 54 watt 6700 k bulbs. I am looking at a Finnex Fugeray LED plus moonlight fixture. Anyone familiar with this Finnex fixture and would it be better than the Aquatic life. Or any suggestions on the best light for this tank>
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You will love the upgrade from T5 to LED. I have Finnex fixtures on nano tanks and a Satalite Current+. Just research PAR and make sure your in low light range.
Finnex makes an excellent light, the best IMO. As far as the moonlight its more for looks. Ya definitely research par and what not otherwise you'll be researching co2 systems and large amounts of ferts!
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